City Palace Jaipur [Entry Fee, Timings, History, Video & Location]

City Palace is constructed by Maharaja Sawai Jai Singh II of Jaipur between 1735 and 1732.

City Palace Jaipur

City Palace Contact Number

0141 408 8888

city palace jaipur history 

There is a city palace in the main places of Rajasthan's capital of India, where people are always the most visited travel el abroad.



Morning Opening Time
       09:30 PM
Evening Closing Time
        05:30 PM
City Palace Phone Number
    0141 408 8888
Ticket Price & Enter Fee for Indian
         75 RS
Ticket Price & Enter Fee for Foreign
        300 RS
Best Visiting Time of City Palace
November & December
City Palace Parking Fee
City Palace JAIPUR Address
TULSI MARG GANGORI Bazaar, J.D.A Market, PINK City JAIPUR Rajasthan, Pin Code - 302002

This Palace was built between 1735 and 1732 by Maharaja Sawai Jai Singh II of Jaipur.

Here you will experience the last 100 years of the royal residence, Rajput Mughal architecture, Hindu temples, buildings, museums, etc.

This Palace has been designed systematically by Rajput and Mughal style and pink color, Vidyadhar Bhattacharya and Sir Salman Sweetman Jacob.

This Jaipur city of Rajasthan is the first city of medieval India which is planned in a planned manner; One of them is the City Palace.

City Palace Full Tour Video

This Palace is located in the seventh part of the city of Jaipur.

The temple of the lunar palace, Mubarak Mahal and Govind Dev Ji of City Palace is very impressive, which boasts royal customs.

If you are coming to Jaipur, then you have two good days to go through.

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Chandra Mahal has now been converted into a museum, in which the material of Rajput rulers of Jaipur has been kept.

Here the royal family resides in the Chandra Mahal, the second part of the Palace.

The descendants of Maharaja Sawai Jai Singh, who is here.

Their family is still based on customs and the same lifestyle that you can get detailed information about the royal family.

The city of Jaipur is known as the pink city, the main reason for which the buildings of Jaipur city are painted with pink and buildings of Jaipur city have been built on a special style which is different from here and from the city.

Those who have a wonderful identity in the city of Jaipur, there are three entrances to enter the city of Jaipur, Uday Pol, Tripoliya Gate, and Virendra Pole.

City Palace Everyday Opening &Closing Time

Opening & Closing Time
09:30 pm – 05:30 pm
09:30 pm – 05:30 pm
09:30 pm – 05:30 pm
09:30 pm – 05:30 pm
09:30 pm – 05:30 pm
09:30 pm – 05:30 pm
09:30 pm – 05:30 pm

The entrance to the City Palace is the palace (Govind Dev Ji Mandir) in the middle of the celebration Palace Jaipur premises, building, park, museum and old Jaipur.

Best time to travel

Jaipur is a specialty of the city-style and is the capital of Rajasthan, the country is visiting many foreign tourists to come here.

Here, more and more tourists come in March and October, because here the middle atmosphere remains, it is very cold.

  Ticket price and Entry fee 2019

If you want to go to the Palace, you will have to pay a fee which is 75 rupees for Indians and 40 rupees for Indian children.

 Apart from this, if a foreigner comes to roam, then he has to pay around 300 rupees or 4.30 dollars.

Opening times and closing time in 2019

city palace jaipur timings

Admission to Palace is 9:30 in the morning and opens at 5:00 PM. Till you can roam.

City palace museum

City Palace has now been changed to a museum.

In its entire premises, you will find the main attractions of Deewana - A - Khas, Deewani - A - Mahal, Bagikhana Chandra Mahal, Pritam Niwas Chowk, Maharana Palace, and various ruins.

Here, you have 2 artifacts of Silver in the courtyard of the royal family's garments, jewelry, weapons, various paintings, Kechi-action khanjar, and junky mango, which are 1.6 meters long and these unmatched silver vessels of 340 kg have maintained the Guinness Book of World Record. what happened

 Friends, keep scrolling down now, it is incomplete to give you a lot of information. Now you will try to give detailed information about Museum.

(1) Arms Museum  of  City Palace

Maharaja is the weapon of Sawai Jai Singh, which is located in the Maharani Mahal here.

Here we will find a collection of many killers, mainly in the weapons, daggers, pistols, etc.

 The scissors - Action Dager, which played an important role in the war during Sawai Jai Singh, has been shown here in a special way, which can easily destroy the enemy in front.

  In this palace, Sawai Jai Singh, the sword offered by Victoria, all the weapons are decorated in this museum which attracts all the visitors.

Friends, this weapon museum is very unmatched in reality that gives us weapons of the time.

(2) Temple of Govind Dev Ji

The temple of Govind Dev Ji, built from architecture in this city palace of Jaipur, still has its unique identity.

 Here, according to the rules of the Hindus every day the aarti is performed by Brahmins and the crowd of most people is present at this time.

 This temple was built in the middle of the 18th-century city palace garden.

 A statue of Lord Radha Krishna Ji has been established in this temple, which many people still visit here to see.

(3) Govind Dev Ji Mandir Fill Tour Video

It is worshiped 7 times every day and the doors of the temple are opened. You must also see this temple of Govind Dev Ji once in its lifetime.

(4) Baghi Food City Palace

There is also a buggy meal set here, linked to the City Palace Museum.

There is a place to keep the kings' carts and chariots at that time.

These carts were used to transport the kings to the journey and the chariot or palanquin used to carry idols in the Hindu temple.

city palace jaipur weddings
These raths were used to carry brides during the marriage at the Royal Family.

 Those who you can see in the tiger food, then look at the cars, chariots, look at that time.

Which is very different from the look of trains at the present time.

Just keep scrolling for friends.

(5) Art Museum of City Palace

The name of the kings of Jaipur is taken first in the art.

 First of all, Raja Sawai Ram Singh, known for his 3D painting, is still present in the museum here which is a very interesting and surprising painting.

Apart from this, many more paintings and photographs have been set up in the museum.

 Here, you can see pictures made by Sawai Ishwar Singh who give the experience of a decade-old art.

(6) Clothing Museum of City Palace

The Happy Palace of City Palace has been transformed into a textile museum.

The Sanganer block prints of Jaipur, which are festive in the making of garments, and the royal family here are the junkies of royal garments.

The interesting thing is that the kings here used to wear very big clothes.

 To handle the clothes of the queens, they had to resort to jobs too.

 Raja Sawai Madho Singh also wore a 190-meter cloth which is very unmatched.

In this museum, you will find clothes worn by the ladies and the clothes worn by the kings, silk sarees, cashmere and embroidered shawl, many bastards of Sanganari printing.

Jaipur City Palace Guide

My dear friends, if you ever get a chance to roam the City Palace in Jaipur, then you can take a person with you for a guide or you can take audio guides from the main door.

I would recommend you to the Personal Audio Guide.

This will help you to visit City Palace

How much time does it take to roam?

It takes 1 hour to 2 hours to complete  Palace.

How to reach the City Palace

To visit Jaipur, you will either come to the railway station, Jaipur or the airport.

You can book Ola or Uber Cab online or book a local rickshaw from here.

City Palace is 11 km from Jaipur Airport and 3.8 km from Jaipur Railway Junction.

 Top 30 Question of City Palace 

(1)     t's a heritage structure, so the government protects it. Also since the royal family stays here, it's maintained by them.

Answer:- No, it's not managed by the government. Its managed and maintained by Royal Family.

(2)   Is the camera allowed?

Answer:- Yes allowed, for DSLR you have pay 300, but you can use phone cameras here for free.

(3) It's private property, as the ticket and maintenance are managed by the King's trust, where the government won't involve, and the ticket price is too much 2000/1 to visit king's room and to visit palace just 130 which is worth.

Answer:- Private area access is Rs 2500 for Indian nationals and Rs 3000 for foreigners. It seems to be too much just to see and take photos.

(4)  Is there car parking available nearby? Or any nearby place where we can park and visit the city palace?

Answer:- Yes, there is a car parking near the city palace.

(5)   Is it open on Sunday?

Answer:- yes

(6)   Is City Palace Open to Public to visit?

Answer:- yes

(7)  Can we book a ticket online?

Answer:- It's not available.. you can only book tickets at ticket counters.

(8)   Can Rajasthan can be explored in April month.

Answer:- Yes for sure you can explore it, but get ready for over 40 degrees Celsius. Bring lots of water, thin cloths, bright colors, hats, sunnies, and comfy shoes.

(9)  Will, it takes photos in the afternoon,

Answer:- It's a bit hot in the afternoon but the perfect time for pics as not a lot of people around.

(10) When Will Tha Best Photos Come Here.

Answer:- Evening time is good if you're only there for photos otherwise the afternoon is good for photos as there is plenty of light as well as view is also very good. 2-5 can be a suitable period for you.

(11)   What is the phone number of the city palace?

   Answer:-  0141 408 8888

(12)   Is there parking available? If yes then what's the charge?

Answer:- Yes..!! There is parking available... Without any charges.

(13)   Tourist ticket price?

Answer:- The entry fees of the city palace are Rs. 130.0 per person for Indians, 500.0 per person for foreign tourists, 70.0 per person for Child, 50.0 for PhotographyFee, 150.0 for Videography Fee, 110.0 per person for Sr. Citizen,.

(14)   Does maharaja Padmanabha live in the city palace?

  Answer:- Yes 

(15)   Is car parking available
Answer:- yes

(16)   Can We do a photoshoot here? 

   Answer:-  Yes. But in some room, you can't take photos.

(17)   Can we do a pre-wedding photoshoot here?

 Answer:-   The place is flocked by many visitors daily and will hamper your photoshoot even if the permission is granted. Also, a lot of areas are not accessible to the common public in the palace. Not recommended to do a pre-wedding photoshoot here.

(18)  I want to do my pre-wedding photo shot is it allowed here? If yes then what is the amount they charge for it?

 Answer:- Actually, the total area of the palace is so big and the photoshoot is allowed but in some rooms or some part of the palace it's prohibited..but the entry charge is Rs.2500 per person and for students, it's Rs.1500.

(19)  Is the palace remains open on 26th January and 15th August??

  Answer:- Open on all days. The timing is from 9:30 to 5:00 pm

(20)  How much is the entry fee with a Camera?

Answer:-Rs.75 for all but Rs.25 for Sr. Citizens. No special permission for the Camera.

Q.  Is it open today for visitors keeping in Mind ongoing curfew?

Answer:- Yes, by the main road you will not reach but you can bypass that and go through inside streets.

(21)    What's the price for Indian citizens? And to see how many places inside the City Place and whether to take separate 2 tickets for the whole place or the same ticket.

Answer:-  One has to take a ticket.

(22)  It is the heritage and treasure of the India and government open for the public to see the architecture of Royal kings

 Answer:-   It's totally commercial now.

(23)  What is the time for the light and sound show?
Answer:- It's in the evening..probably around 6.0 pm

 (24)  Whether cycles available for rent in jaipur?

Answer:- yes 

(25)     Selfie stick allowed?

 Answer:-    yes allowed but not inside the museum part..guards ask to keep them inside.

 (26)   Is it possible for a commoner to meet any of the royal family members at the city palace??

   Answer:-    Not so easy because of their availability, I think.

 ( 27)   Why was it built?

   Answer:-      Sawai Jaisigh built a city out from the amber fort. It might be because of the new place to start. The palace museum was built to show the history of the jaipur kingdoms.

 (28)   Is City palace open on holiday for Indian tourists?

 Answer:- Closed on the national holiday.

(29)   Who was manufactured? 

  Answer:- Swai Jai Singh.

(30)   What is the best season to visit jaipur??

   Answer:-  I would suggest winter, as I visited Jaipur in the last week of December. The days were warm and the nights were chilly during my stay.

City Palace Jaipur Location


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